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What I Learned about the Link Between Emotions and Pain

It was about 8 years ago when I had pain in my upper back that was so uncomfortable, I had difficulty sitting on my daughter's bed long enough to read her a bedtime story. I carried this pain around for about a month or so, like an unwanted piece of heavy luggage.

I remember talking to my friend and telling her about how miserable I felt, when she insisted that I give Christine a call, a masseuse that she and her husband had seen a number of times. At that point in my life, massage was not in any way a regular part of my routine and I didn't think that having a massage would relieve my symptoms. But, the pain was bad enough that I figured I didn't have anything to lose so I reached out and made an appointment with Christine.

I arrived at Christine's door and was welcomed into her home. I began to feel a bit uncomfortable as we sat across from each other and she asked me a few questions that led me to tell her a little bit about what was going on in my personal life. She listened and offered some advice, and suggested that rather than have a massage, I should think about having an energy session with her to relieve my pain. That idea sounded completely foreign to me and I insisted that I had come for a massage and that is what I was there for. My friend who had referred me to Christine never mentioned that she was also a pranic healer and she had only seen her for traditional massage.

So as I lay on the massage table, after about ten minutes, Christine declared that as a masseuse and as a pranic healer, she was feeling that my pain was so strong, she could not continue with the massage. She told me that in order to truly help me, she needed to do an energy clearing session. I pretty much laughed at the idea but followed her lead because I knew I did not want to continue to carry around the pain in my upper back. (Years later I would learn that the area of my back where I had this pain is referred to as the heart chakra.)

I believe the session lasted about an hour, during which time she played a CD to clear stuck energies, she used crystals and other techniques and she asked me to say out loud, a very specific statement regarding the emotional pain that I had been holding on to so that I could then let it go. It had to do with forgiveness.

There were times during the session that I laughed and times that I shed some tears, all of which was related to the work we were doing.

Well, dear readers, guess what happened next? When I got up from the table and said my goodbyes to Christine, I was free from that pain and have been ever since. She had suggested I return for regular sessions, though I have never been back. However, that experience changed my life. Christine revealed to me that the emotion I was carrying around had a direct link to the physical pain I had been feeling.

I took a risk by going to see Christine. The risk was that I was willing to be vulnerable in the face of a stranger but in the process, I freed myself so that I could once again fully participate in my life.

I invite you to consider what you are holding on to and the ways in which you can release what you are holding, so that you can live your best life.



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