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Flying Like A Bird

I took this photo recently while I was in Tulum, Mexico, attending a wonderful yoga retreat. I hope you find this image as inspiring as I do. As I watched this magnificent bird flap its wings and soar high in the sky, I felt there was a message for me in this. I noticed that after the birds flew around, they would dive right back into the water and then eventually get right back up again, all the while, seemingly enjoying the process!

As we go about our daily lives, we often grow tired and perhaps weary of all that we have on our "to do" lists. It can feel overwhelming! These beautiful birds were a reminder to me that yes, there is work to be done but in the process, don't forget to enjoy the ride (or the flight)! We are best able to do this when we can find a balance between the demands in our schedules and taking time for ourselves to feel restored and rejuvenated.

The birds worked hard to fly in the air but once they reached their destination, they truly seemed to relax and enjoy the present moment. I believe we can learn life lessons from these birds and the way they take flight and the way they soar.

Blessings on your journey and I look forward to working with you so that you find your wings and soar!

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