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Updated: Feb 21, 2020

I feel that one of my purposes in this lifetime is to support people to realize their full potential, to learn to really love, accept and honor themselves. In addition to providing intuitive advice and guidance, I have now decided to offer #LotusWei flower essences as an important part of my professional work, because I believe they provide an extra jumpstart to changing old patterns and beliefs.

Flower essences contain the energetic imprint of a flower and these properties can significantly affect our emotional health.

As long as the climate is right, there is nothing stopping a flower from blooming. In other words, it doesn't get in it's own way! The highest concentration of energy in a plant is found in the flower, so it contains a lot of powerful energy.

Throughout the lifetime of a human being, however, our experiences naturally leave us with lots of emotional baggage that very often does not serve our highest good. We may carry around old wounds and disappointments that lead us to become less trusting of ourselves and others, for example. Which is why flower essences are a perfect emotional partner for us. We can greatly benefit from their energy and vibration as they can step in to shift our perspective and help us to feel more hopeful and less fearful.

If the flowers used words to communicate, I believe they would say something like this:

I can help you move away from the silly stories you tell yourself so that you can be the best version of you. Since I reached my full potential and blossomed, I can help you do the same! My energetic vibration will remind you that you are love, that you can be more relaxed and let go and that you can take chances without being afraid. In other words, I will help you bloom!”

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